An Ode to Robina


Robina was a 70s dream,

Who lived for hot buttered toast and

Michael Jackson LPs.

Her first car was crashed by her dad when she was just eighteen

And she believed powerfully in her own daydreams.


Robina was a free-thinker, a dreamcatcher,

A go getter. She walked around her neighbourhood

With a bucket of toy soldiers in one hand and a pic ‘n’ mix in the other

And she adored her father and mother.

Whom she cared for like no other.


Robina was an amorous Walter Mitty,

Who dreamt of Darcy and Gilbert Blythe,

And of her place in their classic lives,

Roaming moors and mansions alike

As queen of the castle and as wife.


Robina was a smart arse

Guaranteed top of the class

Polite in every conversation

Ready and willing for confrontation.


Robina was a killer queen,

Dynamite with a laser beam

But now she’s got five mouths to feed-


So she gave me all those books to read.


Aqsa Ahmed is the Creative Writing Editor for I RISE Magazine.

Featured image credits.

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I RISE Magazine is an online platform dedicated to showcasing the stories, talents and trials of women of colour and non-binary people of colour in educational institutions. Our aim is to collectively represent, lead the way and inspire ourselves and future generations.

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