Why We Started I Rise

“It makes me so proud to be part of a group/social media platform that celebrates melanin, headscarves and bindis – a group that recognises the shortcomings of Kings/the world in general in terms of catering to Women of Colour and plans to do something about it.”

“It was only recently that I discovered the boundaries faced by PoC and women in particular. I was shocked and dismayed but soon realised that I had the power to do something. As a WoC, every artistic endeavour I embark on will inevitably be seen in the context of gender studies and racism.”

“Issues that are faced by People of Colour and especially Women of Colour have been disregarded for too long and I think it’s a brilliant idea that this magazine is going to address the issues we face through creative forms such as writing and art.”

“I am and have always been super super super passionate about the unfortunate struggles and hardships a Woman of Colour comes across in this world. The idea of a space by POC for POC is genius! The opportunity to contribute would be immense, I can finally vocalise many melanin related tales.”

 Above are just some of the many inspiring reasons the amazing women that make up our editorial team came up with when they decided to take part in this initiative. The willingness to make WoC and non-binary PoC voices heard, and document our experiences was a prominent feature – and we aim to do just that.

We want to break the rules. Break the stereotypes. Stand on our two feet. Rewrite the story. Set the record straight.

We want a space especially designated for us, to share our experiences, unleash our talents, and ultimately, celebrate our diversity.

This is the ethos that I Rise places at the center of its aims. We ultimately want the voices of Women of Colour and non-binary People of Colour to be heard wide and loud. We strive for boldness, ferocity and fearlessness. Have a look through our narratives, and see for yourself the brilliance that we have.

With love,

The Editorial Team of I Rise



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I RISE Magazine is an online platform dedicated to showcasing the stories, talents and trials of women of colour and non-binary people of colour in educational institutions. Our aim is to collectively represent, lead the way and inspire ourselves and future generations.

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